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How to Help


Did you know that Flagstaff is the 8th most expensive city in the U.S. for renters? It has the highest cost of living in all of Arizona and is home to a rising number of people living without shelter. While homelessness affects everyone it does not affect them the same. Almost 40% of the people living unsheltered in Flagstaff are Native American even though they are only 10% of the city population. The Diné, Hopi and many other tribes call the land we’re standing on home but can’t even afford the basic necessities of life here.   Our mission is to transform lives by empowering people with the tools to survive and thrive through the creation of community. We use the Diné term k’é to express our belief that we are all related and responsible for each other’s well-being. Since rolling out the Bus in August 2022 we’ve connected with hundreds of people who have no housing and little access to basic needs. In 2023 we engaged with people 4,220 times providing showers, clothing, food, and hygiene. Your support is crucial to helping mend the community and providing for those in need. With just $20 you can treat someone to a shower and change of clothes; with $250 you can fill the gas tank for a month and for $741 you can operate the Bus for a full day of service. Please join us in making Flagstaff an inclusive community for all with a recurring or one time donation.


Volunteer to meet and greet your unsheltered relatives on the Shower Bus, sort donations, help with office work, and more. Your assistance does more than provide for basic needs: it creates community and understanding. Contact us below to learn more about volunteer activities and times.


Unsheltered relatives need clothing, hygiene supplies, ready to eat and shelf stable foods and more. Contact us to arrange to drop off your good useful donations. We do not sell donations so please donate only items that someone living out of a backpack could use. 

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